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On foot or by mountain bike along the paths of the former penal colony of Capraia

You land on Capraia, the only volcanic island in the Tuscan Archipelago, to enjoy the sea and nature. Wild and uncontaminated, Capraia fascinates its visitors with its breathtaking views, the scent of the Mediterranean scrub, and the ‘ruins’ of the penal prison, which was active on the island until 1986.

You can explore Capraia by sea, discovering all its hidden coves, or by land, thanks to the numerous paths that trace it. An ideal destination for hiking enthusiasts, the island also features a suitable route for mountain bikers: the one leading to the former penal colony in the north of the island, which houses the remains of the cells and lodgings for the guards.

The path starts at the port, near the Romanesque Church of the Assunta, and continues uphill along a mule track, the so-called Via del Cornero, characterized by narrow curves, where you can observe wild oleander trees, whose pink color in summer creates a spectacular contrast with the turquoise sea.

A colored archway marks the entrance to the former prison area, which was organized into different sections: the Aghiale section, for example, housed a small shop, the dining hall, the barber and the inmates who worked as farmers, while the Portovecchio section housed the cowshed and the cheese warehouse.

The Capraia Old Penal colony trail combines the history of the island and the beauty of nature and can be taken on foot or by bicycle.

As a volcanic island, Capraia does not have widespread tree vegetation, which is why, especially in summer, it is important that you bring water and sunscreen, and avoid the hottest hours of the day.