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Livorno Aquarium

The Livorno Aquarium is located on Livorno’s seafront on the Mascagni Terrace and enjoys a privileged position creating a strong emotional and visual impact.

The exhibition itinerary develops on the ground floor with 33 display tanks hosting the two green turtles “Ari” and “Cuba” swimming in the Indo-Pacific tank together with zebra sharks, blacktip sharks and two examples of Napoleon fish. Elegant sea eagles also fly through the tunnel. A separate gallery is dedicated to the colors and shapes of the tropical seas and one to the Mediterranean Sea.

The visit continues on the first floor, where green takes the place of blue in an exhibition dedicated to the universe of insects, amphibians and reptiles, where you can admire the fascinating chameleon, the iguana, the arrow frog, the stick insect, the chlamydosaurus and much more.

A new exhibition has been added in 2018: a veritable anthill housing numerous leaf-cutter ant.

From the first floor of the structure you can access the panoramic terrace with a view of Livorno’s seafront and the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago.