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Capraia by sea

Some say that an island is an island only if you look at it from the sea. A boat trip around Capraia allows you to discover the true nature of this land – offering glimpses of extraordinary beauty, among cliffs shaped by the waves, and covered by garrigue, which form inlets of various shapes and sizes – rocks, bays, coves, small caves – all evidence of the geo-volcanic evolution of this land. Cala Rossa, with the red and white contrasts of its rocks, is the ultimate evidence of the ancient Zenobito volcano.

Some of them can only be reached from the sea, by hiring boats or inflatable boats, to explore them on your own. Located respectively to the east and west, two coves best exemplify the authentic experience of a visitor’s stay on the island: To the north-east, Cala della Mortola fills and empties with sand depending on the winds – with the Libeccio it comes in, with the Grecale it goes away. Here, the sea turns turquoise, and the seabed, teeming with marine flora and fauna, is an absolute must. The beauty of this cove, which derives its name from the myrtle plant, lies also in the surrounding landscape – an evergreen cliff characterized, in spring, by the flowering of the white sea lily. On the other side of the island, to the west, Cala del Reciso welcomes you with its two natural arches, the largest of which, must have once been divided by a rock that later collapsed. Sea hawks fly over the unspoilt environment, while it is easy to find yourself swimming in the cornflower-coloured waters, with their rocky seabed – surrounded by many species of fish, molluscs, crustaceans and colourful sponges.

The island is also a diving and snorkelling paradise, and an international centre  for scuba diving. Diving into the sea of the island’s protected area is a unique and unrepeatable experience. The world that opens up, just below the sea line, is an incredible setting, where a rich and varied fauna – of bream and amberjacks, groupers and barracudas, scorpion fish and mullet – swim among crystal-clear waters, colourful rocks and varied flora.