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Rowing Races

The deep bond of Livorno with the sea is also found in the colors, sounds and emotions that the traditional rowing races – between the districts of city – evoke; they are held in 10-oar (gozzi) and 4-oar (gozzette) boats.

The Risi’atori Cup, which takes place in the stretch of sea between Meloria and the Shipyard Dock, in the Medici Port, takes its name from the ancient dockers who, showing their skill and vigor, tried to win the right to unload the ships arriving in the port.

The impressive Barontini Cup, which takes place at night along the “Fossi”, is an evocative itinerary among the city canals that once surrounded the city walls. It bears the name of a glorious Leghorn partisan.

The Palio Marinaro is the most famous and popular competition. It is held in the open sea, in the area in front of Terrazza Mascagni, between the port and the Bagni Pancaldi. Whereas, the Giostra dell’Antenna, held at the Medici Port, is the most spectacular, with the four best crews competing to win the “cencio”, the coveted flag that flies at the top of the flagpole.