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Beach resorts in Livorno

In the first half of the nineteenth century, the beach resorts along the coast had made Livorno a popular summer destination, sought after by the national and international bourgeoisie, especially the English.

A brief history of Seaside Tourism in Livorno:

The first facility was opened in 1781, under government concession, by Paolo Baretti, consul of the Kingdom of Sardinia in Livorno. Sea water was pushed through a mechanical system inside a wooden building.

The first real beach resorts were built in the early decades of the 19th century, with the creation of the “Bagni Palmieri” and the “Scoglio della Regina” beach resorts. This was the area where, in 1806, Marie Louise of Spain (she was the infanta of Spain by birth and queen consort of Etruria by marriage; after the Congress of Vienna, she was the reigning duchess of Lucca) had taken a few baths in a small pool covered only by curtains.

A little further south, near what is now Terrazza Mascagni, during the summer an iron pavilion was erected, where the Grand Ducal family came to bathe.

In the northern part of the city, along the sandy coastline that stretched out near the ancient Torre del Marzocco, a series of similar facilities were set up, but subsequent port development in these areas led to their closure.

A number of beach resorts were also built in the southern part of the city: a small lido was built in Ardenza in 1844, while the Bagni Roma was the main tourist attraction in Antignano.

The seaside tourist offer today

Cala Bianca +39 0586 491117
 Fiume +39 0586 501137
Lido +39 0586 501153
Lido del Rogiolo +39 331 3149199
 Nettuno +39 0586 807121
Onde del Tirreno +39 0586 501105
Pancaldi Acquaviva +39 0586 805566
 Paolieri +39 0586 492155
 Rex +39 0586 580400
Roma +39 0586 500898
 Tirreno +39 0586 260809


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