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Cacciucco alla livornese: between history and culture

An ancient legend tells that a fisherman from Leghorn, who went on his boat on a fishing trip, was struck by a sudden storm and drowned, leaving his wife and small children in misery. The children, driven by hunger, went to the fishermen who were friends of their father to ask for fish and in fact everyone gave them something: some an octopus, some a cicada, some a little fish and some a cuttlefish. The mother with the fish collected by her children prepared a hot dish, she picked herbs and tomatoes from the garden and with a little oil she made a sauce, which she cooked together with the fish and water; she then put slices of stale bread in a bowl and spilled the soup into it. The scent of this food of providence spread throughout the neighborhood, attracting a crowd of onlookers, who, with great surprise, smelled that smell coming from the poor little family’s table. Thus was born the Cacciucco alla Livornese.

In fact, Cacciucco is considered the main dish of Livorno cuisine. Tasty and savory, with a strong and slightly elaborate character, Cacciucco also goes well with a good glass of red wine. For those who love fish it is definitely an indispensable dish: a mix of ingredients, different cooking methods and cultures, which blend perfectly into a single, unrepeatable, exciting dish. Fish, crispy bread, garlic, tomato, chilli pepper, tomato and many bones.