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The sea of Capraia: The boat tour of the island

The sea, at ​​Capraia, is the star of every holiday on the island – a treasure chest, both above and below its surface. There is no better way to experience it than with an exciting tour of the island, by boat or inflatable boat.

To do so, you can hire a boat or take advantage of the organized excursions. Local operators in Capraia, and those of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, offer a variety of excursions at different times of the year.

Have fun with a classic tour of the island, which will allow you to stop at beautiful and secluded coves for a regenerating swim. If, on the other hand, you really want to experience the sea, take advantage of the longer tours that will allow you sail all around the island – in the morning light, which lights up Cala Rossa and the east coast, or at sunset, with a dive in the western caves, followed by a drink, as the sun sets over the sea, to the west, and over Corsica.

A boat tour around the island offers many experiences. You can choose to do “sea watching” with a Park guide – pointing your binoculars at the fins, tails and puffs of the marine fauna or at the cliffs, teeming with rosemary and helichrysum, or, again, at the flight of rare sea birds and majestic raptors. Imagine you are Jules Verne, and have fun discovering the geology of the island – offspring of the volcano. The coast is a treasure of geological beauties with endless shapes and colors.

If, on the other hand, you love snorkelling or diving, the underwater world of Capraia awaits you with blue, azure and turquoise waters and seabeds that have nothing to envy to the exotic coral reefs.

In Capraia, the sea is empathetic, and will allow you to discover things about yourself that you may not have known.