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The Boat Tour: an unmissable experience for those who visit Livorno

An unmissable experience of visiting the city for those who want to get to know Livorno from an unusual and suggestive perspective. Comfortably transported by boat you travel slowly by water to the historic heart of the city, sailing through its canals, passing under its bridges, delighted by the ocher and pink of the ancient stately palaces of the Venice district quite similar to certain views of the Venetian city.

The “Fossi” (Canals) curve sinuously between the profiles of the palaces passing under the bridges through the “scalandroni” (gangways) that give access to the cellars at the water’s edge, where the ancient seafaring tradition is still alive in the faces of the fishermen busy repairing their nets. Important Churches and Palaces make a beautiful display of themselves during the boat trip, such as the octagonal dome of the Church of Santa Caterina, which houses the valuable 16th-century Coronation of the Virgin altarpiece by Giorgio Vasari.

Adjacent to the Church stands the Dominican Palace, a former convent, then transformed into a prison where well-known anti-fascists such as Sandro Pertini and Ilio Barontini were imprisoned. Lulled by the sound of water, the city’s show opens onto the picturesque S. Marco Pontino District where the palaces and cellars stand out for the liveliness of the colors reminiscent of the old seaside villages.

The emotion is strong when the boat disappears in the darkness of the long Vault of Piazza della Repubblica, remembered as the largest bridge square in Europe with its 215 meters wide. Built in 1838, to connect the ancient part of the city with the more modern one that was being born.