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The sea of Capraia: by land

Wander along the paths on Capraia Island and dive into its sea. The narrow paths – some of them steep – lead to small rocky coves which, with the exception of the Grotta, all face east and are therefore very sunny in the morning and shady in the afternoon.

We have listed some of them and indicated how to get there:

Cala di San Francesco: Below the Convent of San Antonio, just a few minutes from the Village. Heading towards the lighthouse, you can reach a beautiful cliff ideal for lying in the sun and swimming along the coast – to Punta del Fanale, or even undereath the Castle.

Il Bagno: Underneath the San Giorgio Castle. It can be reached from the Heliport area, via a steep and narrow path that takes 10 minutes.

Cala dello Zurletto: Starting from the heliport area, it takes about 20 minutes to reach the small and exclusive Cala dello Zurletto, via an unpaved path and steps, that descend steeply to the sea.

Spiaggia del Frate: Behind the ferry dock outside the Port. The Spiaggia del Frate is an easy access to the sea, with small pebbles.

Cala del Ceppo: About 1 hour and a half walk from the Village. The walk starts from Piazza della Chiesa, and heads towards the interior of the island as far as the Church of Santo Stefano, then continues along a path that descends along the Vado del Ceppo, and arrives at a small pebble beach.

Cala di Portovecchio: About 1 hour and a half walk from the port. The path starts past the entrance to the farm Valle di Portovecchio, on the grounds of the former penal colony, and descends along a wide valley.

La Grotta: 10 minutes from the Torre del Porto. The Grotta overlooks the Baia del Porto, and is the only access to the sea that can be reached on foot. It is a cove with shallow water and small pebbles that make it an easy access to the sea for children – it faces west and is the only one equipped with beach umbrellas, lifegurd and a bar.