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The Blue Mile, the path into the sea for swimtrekking and snorkelling

An area of sea where you can swim or snorkel freely, exploring the flora and
 fauna of the Tuscan Archipelago: this is the Blue Mile of Capraia.

This stretch of sea extends along the coast of the island, from the Grotta,
under Torre del Porto,  to beyond the Torretta del Bagno, under the San
 Giorgio Fortress: here you can swim in total safety, thanks to the restrictions on navigation, anchoring and mooring.

22 buoys delimit the 1100 m long, 25 m wide sea corridor – if covered in both directions, you can swim over one nautical mile.

This stretch of sea is perfect, not only for those who like to swim freely, but also for those who enjoy swim trekking or snorkelling. There are plenty of marine creatures to observe along the submerged rocks: algae and red, orange and black sponges, as well as various species of molluscs, crustaceans and fish, such as red mullet and sea bream.

Small caves can be found all along the coast, which can be visited with underwater torches –  here you can also admire aphotic organisms, which live in the absence of light, as a result of the depth of the water.

Capraia’s Blue Mile is a small marine oasis that visitors should respect.