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Speaking of Ponce

The famous “Ponce” is an alcoholic drink that owes its birth and long tradition to the port of Livorno, which has always been considered the fulcrum of the city’s commercial activity par excellence. In 1614, in fact, a Saracen felucca carrying loads of coffee and rum landed on the Livorno coast; the local traders, immediately overwhelmed by their aroma, realized that the mixture of the two ingredients would have resulted in an explosive combination capable of comforting souls in times of difficulty. Even today the “punch” has a dominant role in the lives of the Livorno people, who love to finish their meals with coffee and rum!

In the early nineteenth century, confirming the cosmopolitan and liberal nature of the city, the first cafes were created, designed as places could meet and exchange ideas, frequented by different social classes, men and women, as well as citizens of Livorno or tourists. The historic Bar Civili, located in Via del Vigna, was born in this period; starting from here it is possible to explore the famous trattorias of the city that are able to enrapture everyone with their flavors and aromas. Famous is the “Cacciucco” … but this is another story …