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Capraia Island: meeting with the Flavors of the Mediterranean

Due to its strategic position, between the Ligurian Sea and the Upper Tyrrhenian Sea, Capraia is a crossroads of flavors between Tuscany, Corsica, Liguria and Sardinia.

There are many typical products that can be enjoyed on the island. From fresh fish, to cheese to wines to honey and jams. All expressions of the deep bond of the inhabitants with the sea and the land.

Cultivated on offshore farms, fish has always been the main food for islanders.  Emblematic is the Capraiese soup that is a bit like the island’s Cacciucco. But there are many fish dishes: from Spaghetti with Margherita (a kind of spider crab) to the island’s baked Dentex, from Squid with potatoes to Pickled Zerri (curled picarels) to the delicious Carpaccios made from the freshest fish. Take advantage of the restaurants in the port where you can enjoy these recipes comfortably sitting at a stone’s throw from the sea, perhaps after a boat trip or an exploration of the seabed.

Goat cheese is another typical product of the island, able to recall the scents and aromas of the Mediterranean scrub. Goats, in fact, raised outdoors, feed on Mediterranean scrub present everywhere in the territory. Fresh milk is transformed into yogurt, robiola and cottage cheese. Typical is the production of Mursa cheese awarded in 2019 with the World cheese award in Bergamo.

The cultivation of the vineyards on the terraces of the island of Capraia dates back to the dawn of time. Here today the grapes of aleatico vermentino, ansonica, ciliegiolo, colorino and sangiovese are grown, which grow on large and very high terraces, wonderful dry stone walls and rainwater drains. The production of wine is very varied: white, red or rosé, each of them releases the unique aromas of the volcanic sea soil.

The inhabitants gather and process whatever the fertile land of Capraia produces. These include fruits, berries and wild flowers of the Mediterranean scrub, such as myrtle, lentisk, fennel and dog rose, which are transformed into grappas, liqueurs, jams and biscuits.

Moreover, hops are processed in the production of beer. There are currently four beers on the market: the blonde, the Belgian, the ipa and the bitter that you can taste in every bar in Capraia, but not only.

Capraia is a bee-friendly place, the island is in bloom all year round and, provided there is plenty of rain, bees find food in all seasons. Capraia’s history attests to the long-standing presence of beehives and the excellent quality of the honey produced on the island. Today this tradition continues with the production of Capraia honey.


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