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Hiking trails in Livorno

The Pilgrim’s Route

The Pilgrim’s Route covers part of the paths within the Montenero forest, all recently and clearly marked, with signs on the ground, by the associations participating in the Project “Occhi sulle Colline” (Eyes on the Hills). The Pilgrim’s Route consists of four main paths, which form a loop, and two variants that allow you to “close it”. The entire route is marked with signpost arrows.

We suggest to do this circuit in spring, when flowers are more abundant and animals – in particular butterflies, dragonflies and birds – are more active; the early autumn months are also good to get to know the fruits and the changing colors of the Mediterranean scrub. Thanks to the short paths and the slight differences in height, excursions are possible even in summer, while the proximity to the coast and the low altitude, make walks pleasant even in winter.


From Castellaccio to Poggio Sperticaia (path 140)

A pleasant walk, especially in the second half, through Mediterranean scrubland and an introductory botanical path. The first part offers panoramic views of Livorno and the Pisan Mountains, while the second part offers views of the Livorno hills and Poggio Sperticaia.

Average travel time: 40 minutes Length: 2.1 km

Summary description of the itinerary. After the barrier, a wide unpaved lane, with an excellent surface, runs flat to the east. After 150 meters, on the right, you will see the fork to the Partisan Monument (see description below). Continue, and a little further, you will come to the beginning of the botanical path. Wooden signs illustrate, with their Italian and scientific names, the five most characteristic shrubs and trees of the Mediterranean scrub that you will find along the path. At the end of the botanical path, there is a covered area for resting (gazebo) and a nature panel; the trail continues downhill, to the fork with trail 130 and to Pian della Rena (25 minutes from the barrier). From the fork, the road climbs slightly, but steadily, for about 800 m up to the slopes of Poggio Sperticaia and the fork with trail 132, where there is another covered area for a rest (gazebo).


Path to the Partisan Monument (unnumbered path)

A short path to commemorate the many young people who died during the Second World War, for the sake of freedom, justice and democracy.

Travel time: 5 minutes Length: 250 m

Summary description of the itinerary. 

From Castellaccio follow the earlier indications for trail no. 140, as far as the fork that you will find 150 m away from the barrier, where a sign indicates the path that leads uphill to the Monument. Here we commemorate the nine partisans of the 10th “Oberdan Chiesa” Detachment, of the 2nd “G. Garibaldi” Brigade, a group of eight Italians and one Pole, killed between 13 July and 29 September 1944 during the Second World War.


From Poggio Sperticaia to Podere del Puntone (path 132)

A bright and scenic route towards the sea, the island of Gorgona and the Livorno hills, through Mediterranean scrubland and woods of holm oak and manna ash. At the beginning, after Poggio Sperticaia, outcrops of volcanic rocks are visible.

Average travel time: 40 minutes Length: 2.6 km

Summary description of the itinerary.

From the rest area of Poggio Sperticaia, trail 140 leaves the Park and the state-owned property and turns north-west, towards the Strada di Popogna; from here, if you wish to follow a possible pilgrim route, you can go up to Valle Benedetta and to the Eremo della Sambuca. Our itinerary, however, continues to the left, flat at first, and then downhill, on a very good surface; after a few hundred meters, on the right (mountain side), you can see outcrops of effusive volcanic rocks (gabbri).

After ignoring a first fork to the left, after about 25 minutes, you will find, again on the left, a second fork to the narrow trail 134b (pay attention to the indications), which allows you to go down towards Botro del Molino Nuovo, and to complete the circuit of trails. Trail 132 continues downhill, with a couple of wide curves, towards Podere del Puntone; downhill from the barrier, there is a young cork tree and, immediately after, a covered area for resting (gazebo).


From the “upstream” path to the Botro del Molino Nuovo

A path linking the “upstream” path and the valley floor, through high Mediterranean scrub walls and examples of Aleppo pine

Average travel time: 25 minutes Length: 1.4 km

Summary description of the itinerary. From the fork on path 132, a steep descent on a narrow path (134c) leads us to the intersection with trail 134 (known as Sperticaia), which we follow on the left for a few hundred meters, on a flat and often uneven surface, until we come to the intersection with trail 134a, on the right (pay attention to the signs). We take this path with caution, as it is very steep and used by mountain bikers, and we soon reach the bottom of the valley of Botro del Molino Nuovo, on path 136.


Along the Botro del Molino Nuovo valley (path 136)

A very interesting itinerary, that allows us to discover all the habitats of the area: the aquatic and riparian habitat of the Botro del Molino Nuovo and two of its tributaries, the manna ashes and holm oaks wood, the Aleppo pine forest and the Mediterranean scrub; there are also outcrops of volcanic rocks.

Average travel time: 30 minutes Length: 2.5 km

Summary description of the itinerary. From the Ongrilli farm, or from the intersection with trail 134a (see above), the trail climbs up the course of the Botro del Molino Nuovo, on a path with a sometimes uneven surface, level for a long stretch, and then uphill towards the end. Along the itinerary, after a rest area, we cross, on picturesque bridges with wooden fences, first the Botro – in a lovely stretch with boulders, small waterfalls and puddles (from October to May)  – and then two ditches, on the left bank. Outcrops of volcanic rocks are abundant and widespread, particularly gabbros and serpentinites; two of these outcrops are identified by wooden tags. At the end of the climb, we reach the houses of Pian della Rena (the two dogs are tame), and the intersection with trail 138.

From the Montenero Circuit to Pian della Rena (path 138)

An almost entirely flat path through Mediterranean scrubland, with numerous examples of Aleppo pine, holm oak and rowan trees.

Average travel time: 30 minutes Length: 2.0 km

Summary description of the itinerary. 

The itinerary starts from the parking lot along the Montenero Circuit. Before setting off (or on the way back) it is worth stopping to admire the view over Livorno and the Livorno hills and, on clear days, over the Apuan Alps and Pisan Mountains. A wide unpaved road takes a few curves downhill, and then continues on level ground, crossing the upper courses of a few tributaries to the Botro del Molino Nuovo, as far as Pian della Rena, where we find the intersection with trail 138. We continue straight, slightly uphill, coming across a cork tree on the left, just before a hairpin turn, and finally reach the intersection with trail 140.