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The Grotta del Boccale, in Calafuria

This is a very beautiful and varied dive. The sea here is full of life, with two very beautiful walls. The first, which hides the cave, has a base at 24 metres; the second reaches a depth of 39 metres. The entrance to the cave at the base of the wall is very wide, while, further inwards, it narrows and exits at 17 metres. Inside, there are two blind cavities of little interest. One can admire the ceiling, whose peculiarity is that it is covered with coral growing on the bare rock. Moray eels, banded bream and snappers are not uncommon. Pay attention to the dive data (air/time) as, given the depth, the safety limits are easily reached. The dive becomes challenging with reduced visibility.

ROUTE: Start from the shore in front of the slipway and navigate at 220° for approximately 250 metres. The depth along the way remains at 12/13 metres until, at 16 metres, after a sort of small bump, the wall begins, with its base at 24 metres. Continuing out to sea for about thirty metres, we will find an almost vertical wall up to 39 metres. Keep the wall to the right and the base rises to 24 metres. At about 2/3 of the air supply we return to the first wall. At the base at 24 metres is the entrance to the cave with the exit at 17 metres. From the exit, we turn 40° and return to the shore among pebbles and posidonia.