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The Grotta del Grongo, in Calafuria

This cave takes its name from a large conger eel that acts as a “guardian” near the exit. Inside the cave, the vault is covered with red coral (very delicate), while on the muddy bottom there are numerous cylinder anemones. The entrance to the cave is at -24 m, and the exit at -18 m, with a length of about 20 metres. The part above the cave, which is also interesting, can offer suggestive encounters with fish such as snappers, amberjacks and barracudas. It is advisable to refer to the diving centres in the area, given the considerable distance of the site from land, and to be sure of finding the mouth of the cave.

NOTE: The choice of heading straight for the shore rather than for the reverse route is recommended because, as well as allowing you to see the wall under the tower, it prevents you from missing the mouth of the little by a miscalculation, when you meet the south side. In this case, if you do not realize your mistake, you will have to make a long and uncomfortable fin dive to the surface to return.