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La Rete, in Calafuria

The classic dive at Calafuria. Known by old divers as “immersione alla rete” (net dive) because of the pieces of trawl net left by some fishing boats among the rocks. This dive is characterized by the presence of a lot of coral and numerous lobsters, albeit small ones. With a bit of luck, and if you dive in the early hours of the morning, it is not difficult to find some snapper and other predators. For some time now, it has been possible to encounter Mediterranean barracudas, which are smaller than their tropical cousins, but just as beautiful to see. Sponges, anemones and spirographs are always abundant. It is worth noting that the overall scenery is very impressive when you reach the base of the wall, with numerous crevices and pieces of net now completely incorporated into the ecosystem.

Pay attention to the dive data (air/time) as, given the depth, the safety limits are easily reached.