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The Zenobito Ring Route

Village – Piano – Mount Arpagna – Punta dello Zenobito – Lost path of the Zenobito – Piano – Village

The ring route that allows you to explore the central-southern area of the Capraia Island is one of the most fascinating itineraries in the Tuscan Archipelago which leads you till Punta dello Zenobito.

The southern end of the island is one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean: tha high cliff of volcanic rock with surprising colors plummet into the blue of the sea, the garrigue and scrub vegetation colonizes the extreme environment, the ancient Genoese tower resists the wind in the wilderness of the island looking at the infinite horizon.

Here, more than anywhere else you can feel the energy of the island.

Characteristics of the hiking route:

Total lenght: about 16.5 km

Total difference in height (uphill): about 750 m

Actual walking time: about 6 hours

Hicking difficulty level: very demanding

The path in the initial part is on an easy cemented and unpaved road, then on a mule track with irregular paving. The descent from Monte Arpagna to the Zenobito plain is quite steep, on a slippery ground with outcropping rocks and it is also necessary to be very careful in identifying the track (there are stone cairns). The return along the path 401 has some short sections where it is necessary to pay attention to the white / red signs and the stone cairns.
It is advisable to make the route with favorable weather conditions and cool temperatures.
Mobile network coverage is poor or absent along almost the entire itinerary.