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Imagine Livorno as a dish

Perhaps only in the culinary aspect Livorno could resemble other Tuscan cities, viewing food as an authentic pleasure and a way of life. But it is the fish-based products and dishes that make the difference: from the most elaborate to small tastings suitable for street food, now loved and known outside the city. Our gastronomic itinerary starts early in the morning in the Darsena Vecchia, where the fishing boats dock. On marble counters, the freshest fish await the most astute buyers to barter for the best price. Not far away, around the Old Fortress, fishmongers-restaurants and small kiosks are close at hand to buy seafood, fried fish but also gluten free proposals. From the port, through the Via Grande, in a few minutes you reach the covered central market, a place full of charm and tradition. In addition to raw materials, there are many food points for a delicious brunch, snack or a real typical lunch based on cacciucco, the Livorno dish par excellence. Cooked according to tradition, it is possible to enjoy it accompanied by a good glass of red wine. The other gastronomic specialty is called 5 and 5 and consists of  a freshly baked chickpea cake just out of the wood-fired oven and served in a focaccia or “French bread”. There are numerous “tortai ” (cake makers) that guarantee this delicacy to be consumed at any time of the day, standing or walking through the streets of the city.


In the evening the whole city shines with bars and restaurants renowned for their typicality, imagination and abundance of proposals. After dinner, there is nothing better than a nice Ponce alla Livornese, the hot drink based on coffee and “rumme” so dear to the people of Livorno, whose history is intertwined with the maritime traditions of the city.


For lovers of authentic flavors, there is nothing better than a fish-based dinner on the Romito cliff, from which you can enjoy a spectacular view. Alternatively, you can breathe a different atmosphere while enjoying excellent game and good Tuscan wine on the hills of Castellaccio or Valle Benedetta.