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In the Silence of the Livorno Hills: a bike itinerary

Start from the Sanctuary of Montenero and take Via del Poggio, which begins to climb immediately: always keep to the left ignoring the deviations to the right.

After 2km, the road becomes a short dirt track and continues to climb until it joins the paved road. Continue in the same direction for 2 km, passing the town of Castellaccio up to an obvious curve to the right near a bar-restaurant with a veranda. Here you leave the paved road to take the dirt road that starts near the bar-restaurant (on the right) and a picnic area (on the left); after 200 m, take the dirt road that goes down to the left; you will see two intersections one after the other: always keep to the right.

After about 2 km of descent, you wade through a stream and begin pedaling on the plains in the beautiful valleys of Botro Quarata and the Chioma stream in the direction of Palazzine. After a small bridge, a 1.5 km climb begins which ends near a high voltage pylon: the fire road crosses orthogonally and you begin to descend on a dark gravel road.

After a while, a 2 km climb begins which ends on a hill from where you can see the city of Livorno and the coast. After 1 km of descent, you will come to a crossroads: turn left passing close to the antennas and continuing up to the paved road. Stay on the paved road for about 70 meters, and take the second road on the right, called Via del Poggio, which you have already travelled before, and which descends to the right, to the Sanctuary of Montenero.