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Contemporary art itineraries in Livorno

Livorno, the liveliest and most sea-oriented of Tuscan cities, is a destination that offers so many activities. From a stroll through the gardens of the New Fortress to a boat trip along the canals of La Venezia district. From a swim by the beach to a hike to the Montenero Sanctuary with its enchanting views. No visitor to Livorno will ever get bored.

However, there is a lesser-known aspect of Livorno, an itinerary far from the tourist routes, which deserves a special mention: it is that of the city’s contemporary art museums, where works of great value and beauty are hidden.

In the area around the New Fortress, right in the city center, you will find the new Museo della Città-Luogo Pio Arte Contemporanea, the historic Giraldi Gallery and the charming Uovo alla Pop Gallery; while not far away, near Modigliani’s birthplace, you will find the Galerie 21.

The Museum Museo della Città – Luogo Pio Arte Contemporanea, inaugurated in 2018, is divided into two distinct sections: the first is dedicated to the city’s collections and the second to contemporary art. The latter has been set up in the former church in Piazza del Luogo Pio and houses some works from the former Museum of Progressive Art in Villa Maria. The baroque interior of the church forms a fascinating contrast with the works on display.

The Giraldi Gallery is located in Piazza della Repubblica, in a historic 19th-century building. Committed to promoting the avant-garde since the mid-20th century, the Gallery aims to rediscover and promote forgotten artists.

If you are in the area, the small Uovo alla Pop Gallery is also worth a visit. It opened in 2017, with the intention of creating a space dedicated to street art. It also houses temporary exhibitions, experiential tours, workshops, festivals and educational workshops.

Lastly, the Galerie 21, located in Via Roma, near Modigliani’ birthplace, is an exhibition space dedicated to abstract, analytical and conceptual contemporary art.

You can experience even more on the universe of contemporary art in the spaces of the SAC – Spazio Arte Contemporanea. Situated in the Coteto district, outside the center of Livorno, the SAC was created by the cultural association BlobART, to support the artistic production and the training of young professionals, creating opportunities for discussion and experimentation.