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Smart Working in Capraia: working at a stone’s throw from the sea

Are you looking for a place that allows you to work a stone’s throw from the sea and at the same time allows you to regenerate in contact with nature? Then the island of Capraia is waiting for you!

Capraia is the perfect destination for those who want do smart working while spending some time at the beach, going on excursions and enjoying genuine flavors. Not surprisingly, the “Smart Workers Association of Capraia” was born on the island, consisting in a small community with the aim of helping the less experienced in planning their new workplace.

Your “office” in Capraia

If you are thinking of moving to the island for a period of work, the first thing you will need is a home. To make sure that your home is equipped with everything you need, starting from WiFi, you can contact an agency that will provide you with all the information on types of rent and will help you find the ideal home. Alternatively, you can consult portals such as AirBnB, bearing in mind that the platform, by law, can only allow rentals for a maximum of 30 consecutive days.

Internet connection in Capraia

The essential element to do smart working in Capraia is a good internet connection. Usually, in the village and port areas, connectivity is good, but it depends on the different operators. You can use a portable modem or opt for a real LTE/Wifi router, equipped with Ethernet ports. The SIM card you insert in your modem or router will of course depend on how much you use the network and on your operator, but it is usually advisable to choose a plan with unlimited traffic.

Smart working in Capraia and free time

On beautiful sunny days, which are plentiful on Capraia, you can enjoy your lunch break in the open air, in the company of colleagues or other smart workers. There is no shortage of options: Bellavista, the harbor tower, the Grotta, the Zurletto picnic table and below the Castle. Places far removed from the idea of a company canteen! After work, you can have a nice walk in the countryside, cool off with a swim or enjoy a boat trip. In the evening, if you are not looking to relax and admire the myriad of stars in the Capraia sky, you can equip yourself with a Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire Stick and enjoy films, documentaries, TV series and much more.

WhatsApp Smart Working Capraia

To assist those who want to do smart work in Capraia, the Smart Workers Association has created a WhatsApp group. The group is useful for exchanging information on any connectivity problems or network maintenance, but also for arranging free-time activities, depending on the season, such as walks, swims, canoe trips, happy hours and so on.

For information on smart working in Capraia and on the Capraia Smart Workers Association you can write to