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The Tre Ponti beach

Ideal location for windsurfing during times of low pressure, with winds of varying intensity from the south or north. Waves formed with sirocco, libeccio and west winds.

The warm wind coming from the south-east is the sirocco, generated by the unstable weather conditions from the Athlantic. At Tre Ponti beach, this wind comes from the left, slightly from the shore (SIDESHORE); this means that the two to three metre waves, generated by the rocky seabed, provide a perfect springboard towards the open sea, and a steep descent with which to play and perform a variety of evolutions on the way back to the shore. With these weather conditions, the Tre Ponti beach guarantees a day of fun, without ever causing any problems for the athlete.

With the libeccio wind, which comes from the south-west, the sea is rough, the waves are powerful and they break on the rocks and on the beach until they reach the road. In these conditions, the athlete must have good training, be able to assess his limits and always be very careful: one mistake and you end up on the rocks. On the other hand, the waves themselves are a constant springboard for breathtaking jumps. The conditions are “ONSHORE”, you jump on  left tack, and it is not possible to surf the waves.

The west wind, which blows from the west, has the same characteristics as the libeccio, with the difference that it is possible to jump both on the right and left tack. With the expiration, after the swells, the rocky seabed makes the Tre Ponti beach a suitable place for wave surfing, generating waves of medium size and difficulty.