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The beauty of Capraia Island in all seasons


Capraia is 36 miles from the coast, with only 800 meters of road, 200 inhabitants, a small port and a single village at the foot of the Fortress; an island still little known, immersed in the green of the Mediterranean scrub and in the blue of its solitary coves. A destination to be discovered, in all seasons of the year.

Springtime in Capraia means walking at one’s own pace: on ancient mule tracks or along short but suggestive paths. It means also going to the sea and exploring the island volcanic cliffs eroded by winds and covered in colorful blooms.

It is the scent of Mediterranean scrub or maybe the passage of migrating wings which for birdwatchers is an occasion for rare and surprising observations.

Capraia in Spring is a large open-air laboratory, a fascinating training ground for students who want to learn about and appreciate an uncontaminated environment, rich in plant and animal species that make the island the heart of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park.

There are many spring events not to be missed: from the Walking Festival to the Sagra dei Sapori (Festival of Flavors), up to the Painting Competition and Course. Weekends and long-weekends are opportunities to book an apartment, even if only for a few nights, organizing freely how to spend your time on the island.

Capraia in Summer. If you are looking for an authentic and exclusive land, even in the height of summer, treat yourself to a holiday in Capraia, marked by the typical rhythms of the days spent “at sea”. The “real” sea of Capraia is a characterized by: a succession of rocky and sandy seabeds and clear waters animated by fish, in which the ever-changing colors of the cliff, evidence of the ancient volcano, are reflected and covered by the golden yellow of the helichrysum and cineraria.

A boat tour to discover ravines, caves and coves immersed in the silence of impervious and inaccessible coasts.

A dive in the blue to experience the thrill of an immersion that already at low depths offers unforgettable scenarios and unexpected encounters and, just below the surface, get lost in the contemplation of that apparent silence but throbbing with life.

After spending the whole day at sea, “your” home is waiting for you. Houses in the port area and in town are fragments of past and present island life, offering charming and welcoming rooms, terraces overlooking the sea or overlooking the alleys.

Take a break and enjoy a pleasant walk in the cooler hours of the day, when the scents of the Mediterranean scrub become more intense and inebriating, or just be seduced by the flavors of the “sea lands” with an aperitif at the Chiarantjna tables.

For dinner, eating fish is a must, so you can choose to cook it at home or to go in one of the many restaurants along the quay of the port or in the gardens of the town; local restaurateurs still use receipts of the Capraia culinary tradition.

Fall in Capraia. The beautiful days of October are opportunities not to be missed. It is no longer the blinding light of July, no longer the sultry heat of August and no longer the frantic desire for the sea, it is the inclined light of the end of the day, it is the mild warmth of the autumn sun, it is the desire to be pampered again by the island, before saying goodbye.

Autumn is also the season of the year when migrant birds stop on the island on their way back to the heat. It is therefore time to return, to retrace those paths, to recognize the Mediterranean scrub in its more mature dress but always imbued with perfumed essences. It is time to get excited again in front of views and landscapes that are renewed when seasons change.

The most important event of the year in Capraia is the Squid Festival. Since 2000 this event has ended the season in style and with gusto. The restaurants of the island prepare delicacies based on squid (so called in Capraia but actually they are “calamari”) while the fishermen prepare the famous “totanaie” for a race to the last “granfia” (tentacle) that involves everyone, tourists and islanders, on land and sea, motor boats and sailboats! Book in advance because the island always sells out.

Capraia in winter. Visiting the island during this season it is for those who love a land in its most fascinating and adventurous aspect where, between the alleys of the town and along the paths, absolute silence reigns.

The island does not close: the ship arrives and departs every day; some business and main services remain open. Disembarking on the island between December and February, it means staying in a house, going out to sea with the Margò to sail around the island or walk along its paths, it is as if we were in spring or summer but in a winter intimate and nostalgic atmosphere.

The most important winter appointment with Capraia is New Year’s Eve. Greeting the old and the new year on an island with friends or family is to give a different meaning to the words end and beginning. A must to take part in the group photo that we take every year at Christmas in front of the Tower and the New Year’s toast at the Bellavista looking towards the horizon at the fireworks of nearby Elba and the Tuscan coast.