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Seaside tourism in Capraia

In Capraia, your holiday is dedicated to relaxation, unspoiled nature and lots of swimming in the sea. The waters surrounding the island are in fact known for their colorful bottoms teeming with fish and for the transparency that distinguishes them.

For lovers of comfort, Cala della Grotta, which overlooks the bay of the Port, is the only one that can be easily reached on foot and is equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds.

To explore the more secluded coves, you need to move by sea or reach them by land: you can use a taxi boat or a rubber dinghy, or take the many paths that cross the island. Another exciting option is to rent a boat and go around the island.

If you want to indulge in a long swim, the Blue Mile will be a pleasant discovery: it is a marine “corridor” that extends along the coast, from the Grotta under the Port Tower, to the Torretta al Bagno: here it is possible to swim in total safety thanks to the prohibition of navigation, anchoring and mooring.

One of the most beautiful beaches in Capraia is Cala Rossa, located in the southern area of ​​the island on the tip of the Zenobito, with the red and white contrasts of its rocks that make it a very suggestive place.

To the west we find Cala del Reciso, where you can swim under two old natural arches and observe the Osprey flying over the sky; Cala del Vetriolo, with its spectacular lava flows and marine erosions; and the wide Cala del Moreto, with sandy bottoms and very varied coasts.

The eastern coves are, among others, Cala della Mortola, which takes its name from the myrtle plant and which fills and empties with sand according to the winds; Cala dello Zurletto, which can also be reached by land and is dominated by a typical tower rock; and the Carbicina, characterized by the cliffs with flat volcanic stones, sand and Posidonia seabeds and the stream with the pebble beach.

The Island of Capraia is a destination of excellence also for lovers of diving, snorkeling and swimtrekking: in its protected and crystalline waters, a varied fauna lives, populated by amberjacks, groupers, barracudas, scorpion fish and mullets, in addition to the many cetaceans and molluscs.