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Family holidays in Livorno, Collesalvetti and Capraia

If you are planning a family holiday in Tuscany, you will appreciate the many possibilities offered by Livorno, Collesalvetti and the Island of Capraia, known as Tuscany’s Water Lands. From the beach to nature excursions, you will discover that there are plenty of activities for children too.


Livorno: from the boat tour to the Aquarium


Let’s start with Livorno, a city that has had a close relationship with the sea since ancient times. We can find this indissoluble bond in many of the activities offered by the city, which often have the sea as their protagonist.

Among the experiences suitable for young explorers is the boat tour along the Fossi Medicei, a network of canals that cross the center of the city, making it resemble a small Venice. On board the boat, passing through underground tunnels and ancient bridges, you will skirt the majestic walls of the Old and New Fortresses and the 19th-century palaces: an unusual and fascinating approach!

If you go to Livorno with your children, you cannot miss a visit to the Aquarium in Piazza Mascagni. It is a truly unique experience, a journey of discovery into the flora and fauna of the Mediterranean Sea. The Aquarium’s environment is interactive and is equipped with tactile tanks and tablets with explanations for children.

And let’s not forget the sea! The Livorno coastline is full of beaches with facilities for even the youngest visitors. You can take a swim in the area around the town, at the Tre Ponti beach, the Miramare beach or the Spiaggia del Sale beach, all equipped with every comfort. Just outside the town, there is a 5 km stretch of coastline, known as the Strada del Romito, along which there are beautiful coves; in this case, however, you will need to prepare food, water and umbrellas in advance.

Collesalvetti, excursions between monuments and nature

In Collesalvetti, on the other hand, you can visit the Contessa Oasis Provincial Reserve, a nature reserve within the Bellavista Insuese Estate, which has become a refuge for a variety of water birds throughout the year. It offers many activities for visitors of all ages: guided tours, bird watching, nature photography and hiking trips of varying levels of difficulty around the estate’s woods and lakes.

Another attraction for children in Collesalvetti is the Colognole Aqueduct, also known as the Lorenese or Leopoldino aqueduct. The aqueduct winds its way along an 18-kilometre stretch from the Colognole springs to Livorno. The arches, walls, tunnels and viaducts hidden in the vegetation of the woods of the Monti Livornesi Provincial Park will fascinate adults and children alike.

Capraia Island, discovering unspoilt nature

If you are looking for a destination away from the daily hustle and bustle where your children can rediscover true contact with nature, Capraia, with its unspoilt nature, hiking trails, blue sea and delicious squid, is the destination for you. Have fun exploring the island by following the hiking trails: there are trails to suit all tastes, ideal for both adults and children and for all fitness levels. Often, you will be able to arrange them with the help of a professional guide, who will show you the most beautiful views and the safest paths.

When in Capraia, a boat tour is a must! Board one of the local boats and make your way around the island: your children will love observing the wild, jagged and rocky coastline, which reflects the volcanic nature of the island. If they watch carefully, they will probably spot dolphins, fin whales and, with a bit of luck, monk seals!

You can also enjoy snorkeling in one of the many quiet, hidden coves, showing your children the beautiful seabed and the many fish that inhabit it.